Americans Suffering From Increased Back Pain in Tough Economy !!

New York, NY. – Recent polls show that approximately 80% – 90% of Americans will suffer or are suffering from back pains. Nearly everyone has experienced some sort of pain in their life. Whether it be mental or physical, pain management has become a problem in the world we live in today. With constant aches and pains in the spine, many people are unable to fall asleep at night – usually creating insomnia and sleeping issues. Almost $100 Billion is spent annually for x-rays, MRI scans and medication for back and neck pain relief.


Americans are also working harder to make ends meet due to the economic downturn, and increasing inflation resulting in higher prices for food and gas. Although it maybe difficult to pinpoint the exact causes of an individual’s back pain. Long commutes, working hours in front of computers sitting with bad posture, and bad sleeping positions can increase or intensify back pain.


While using a regular firm, soft, or foam mattress, people still experience severe back pain while sleeping. This creates discomfort during the day, and can result in needing to visit a doctor’s office or pain clinic.

A new innovative product Back Level may help hard working Americans. Back Level’s back pillow allows a person to avoid bad posture scenarios, because it provides full support for the lumbar area. This unique product can be used in four ways to support aching backs or neck’s.


The “lumbar area” or lower end of a person’s spine is one of the most common complaints doctors receive. This exciting new product can offer an easy solution for neck and back pain, all while keeping the person comfortably relaxed and at ease.


Back Level goal is to help American’s with back pain, and add jobs necessary to improve our economy. Their plus support pillow is proudly Made in America.



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