Back Level™ is a unique back pillow designed through Orthotics, the medical science concerned with the correction and support of our back. This innovative design gives us a scientifically perfected and comfortable cushion while we are at sleep or even when we are simply relaxing at home on the sofa watching television.

Translation: We use Science to make back’s happier.

Benefits of Back Level™ Unique Design

• Back Level™ patent-pending design bridges the vacuum between the flat surface of the bed and your spine, giving you more comfort, and support while you sleep, thus, reducing your overall back pains.

• Back Level™ is designed to give 360 degrees of lumbar support while lying on our back, side, or stomach! This gives you a night of healthy and comfortable sleep.

• This cushion is equipped with intelligently designed foam that can resist common bugs as well as allergens found in the bed while giving extra comfort and support to your lower back. Using Back Level™ throughout the night supports the spine from various stresses.

• Back Level™ uses bamboo fabric. This fabric is porous thus gives your skin a cooler dry sensation, reduces allergic skin and respiratory reactions caused by particles and other microbial organisms.

• Back Level™ can be used on any kind of mattress. It is not only for beds; it can also be used with sofas, couches and chairs.


How to Use Back Level™ Pillow
You can use Black Level™ both when you are lying on your back or simply when you are seating comfortably at your sofa while in front of your television or computer.
When you are about to sleep, simply place the Back Level™ at your back’s lumber area. This is the spot where you usually feel the most back pain—at the bottom end of your spine. Back Level™ will provide you support all throughout the night, working on relieving your spine from stress while you sleep.

When you are seated, you can use Back Level™ by simply placing it at your lumbar region. This will give you extra-comfort and support while working at the office or when you are just watching television or reading a book.

Environment Friendly Production

Using Back Level™ will not only give you lumbar support and comfort. Mother earth also benefits from every use of Back Level™ as the product is manufactured in an environment-friendly way. Chemicals used in the production are carefully examined and chosen. It assures an environmental-friendly manufacturing process.