Tired of Suffering From Back Pain?

Our Break through Orthotic Design, Aids in Reducing back pain!

Backlevel 4 in 1 Back pillow
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Back Support while you sleep.• Back Level TM design bridges the vacuum between the flat surface of the bed and your spine, giving you more comfort, and support while you sleep thus, may help reduce your overall back pains.

• Back Level TM is designed to give 360 degrees of lumbar support while lying on our back, side, or stomach. This cushion is equipped with intelligently designed foam that can resist common bugs as well as allergens.

Back LevelTM uses bamboo fabric. This fabric is porous thus gives your skin cooler dry sensation

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Own one for less than cost of an average massage.

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What makes Back Level different from other pillows?


Back Level is no ordinary back pillow!

Back Level was created from 2 years of Research + Design improvements sought from several chiropractors.

Back Level specializes in orthotic pillows for back pain, Our unique design can be used for support in 4 different ways, Better posture may REDUCE overall Back Pain.

Back Support Pillow For Bed
Head & Neck Support
Lumbar Support – Sofas, Chairs, & Auto
Under Knee Support

Multiple patents pending

What is Back Level made of ?

Back Level is made from high quality environmentally friendly Memory Foam.

  • Resists Dust Mites
  • Resists Allergens

Back Level comes with a removable washable Bamboo cover.

  • Our Bamboo Cover is durable and gives a cool dry sensation.


Reviews & Testimonials

“I Purchased one for my mom, she has been in the hospital over two weeks and had terrible back pains. She loves the back pillow and can not sleep without it.. thank you for making a great pillow”.– Naiome
“My wife is an registered nurse, i got her a bamboo pillow after she hurt her back. She absolutely loves this pillow it really help to reduce her back pain”
– James E
“ After trying Back level I have purchased two more for my family. I recommend to everyone with back pains.” — – Filisia Thompson
“ The back pillow was very supportive and I actually liked the ‘softness’ it had and didn’t feel like there was on object there most of the night. I was surprised by the support it gave me sideways, because I sleep on my side most of the night.”
– Vanessa S
“ Its perfect I can not sleep without it, I got two one for my back and one for my head. It feels like I am sleeping on a cloud.”
– Richie R
“I use my Back Level every night, it works great for cervical support” – Dr. Vito (Chiropractor)

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